OIV Msc. in Wine Management
WSET Certified Educator

02062015-IMG_4595Certified from the prestigious OIV’s (Organisation Internationale de la Vigne et du Vin) Master of Science (MSc.) in Wine Management, Fanny travelled around the world discovering not only terroirs but also the men and women who make the wine in the “Old World’ as well as in the “New World”.

After 8 months experience in Chile, she did short courses at UC Davis in the USA, Geisenheim’s Viticultural Research Center in Germany, Bordeaux and Dijon Oenology Universities in France. She spent the following year visiting most of the wine producing countries in the world and at the end decided to settle in Spain where she became the Sales Manager for Bodegas Piedemonte, an important winery in Navarra.

The ten years spent at this position has giving her the possibility to analyse and build a strong network of importer and distributors in the traditional consuming markets such as UK, Germany, USA, Japan and also from the emerging markets such as Brazil, China and South-Eastern Asia.

Always looking to learn and expand her knowledge about wines from the world Fanny has studied Wine & Spirit Education Trust’s (WSET) qualifications and achieved the title of Certified Educator for the worldwide-recognised British Wine and Spirits educational institution.

In 2010 Fanny decides to go back to her home city of Bordeaux in France and founds DC Vin (Darrieussecq Consultant) Company. She is now actively involved in Wine Education, a way of sharing her experiences and skills about wines from all over the world with people working in the wine industry. She also promotes French wines culture in foreign countries. In 2015, in a wish of focusing on wine education, DC Vin becomes Bordeaux WINE CAMPUS.

Fanny speaks 3 languages French, English and Spanish.



Elisabeth Iriart is a WSET Certified Educator; she reached the highest level of WSET qualifications (Diploma). She is also a specialist about Spirits recently awarded with Cognac Educator title from BNIC. She works as a sommelier and gives WSET courses as well as other wine activities in Paris.


Caline Sokolow is also a WSET Certified Educator. She studied at the prestigious Lausanne Hospitality School followed by WSET Diploma and OIV MSc. in Wine Management. After working several years for the famous wine retail chain Oddbin’s in the UK she came back to France and works now as head buyer for Julien de Savignac negociant and retailer.

Jieying Chen is graduated from INSEEC MBA Wine Marketing and Management and also WSET Diploma. She is now working for Chateau Kirwan, 3rd great growth of Margaux and enlarged her technical skills at Master Of Wine Institute.

Marie Céline Wallerand spent ten years on tourism and became a certified WSET course Educator (WSET level 3). She was working on Château CLINET and she is now running the OIV Msc. in Wine Management and travelling all over the world.